Web 1:5000 - Gipuzkoa Provincial Council

Gipuzkoa Spatial Data Infrastructure

Try out the 1:5000 Web search engine, where you will be able to find any geographical name in Gipuzkoa, and build up your map.

New application: b5m mobile beta allows to locate and to view Gipuzkoa maps on mobile devices (compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone).

  • The b5map viewer has a new tool to show activities. Its name is What is here? and you can open it through the tab located on the right hand side of the map.
    For the time being, activities associated to four themes can be viewed: administration, health, cultural heritage and...
  • You can view and download the orthophoto of 1956-1957 in the web b5m. It is also made from pictures taken in flights performed by the United States Army. [More]
b5m.gipuzkoa.eus home page.